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Why buy from us?


If you’ve never ordered from AlterEGlow before you may be anxious placing your first order, as is the case ordering from any company that is new to you.

Here at AlterEGlow we strive for excellence and work extremely to make your transactions as seamless as possible. We have been leaders in the Glow & Flashing Novelty business for over 25 years supplying trade and public alike. We work hard to ensure that you can buy from us with confidence. was and remains to be an innovator in the Flashing Novelties & Glow Stick industry. We were among the first to surface online with our product offerings with the launch of way back in 2001. Fast forward to 2017 and we remain one of the UK’s most successful online retail & wholesale platforms in the industry.

To continue our success our website has been developed so that it can be accessed from any device, anywhere in the world. It is hoped that this helps you, our valued customer, to make the decision to make a purchase as easily as possible with all of the information displayed clearly.

We are constantly adding to our range and pride ourselves on the host of new products we introduce to the market each year. When sourcing a new item we always look for 3 key factors:

High Quality

By far the most important factor for any product for any industry – but even more so in our industry of Glowing & Flashing items. Although price is especially important (see next bullet point!) to our wholesale customers, quality always has to come first.

There are many imitations out there which may look the part initially but are potentially quite hazardous and dangerous. Many are imported without the relevant safety tests, corners are cut in order to meet low prices. To us – safety is far more important than profit margin.

Over the 25 years we have built fantastic relationships with a number of suppliers that truly understand our needs, ensuring the highest quality product every time.

You can buy from us with the confidence that not only is your Light Up Toy or Glow Stick Product safe to use, it will provide hour after hour of use, extending the fun!

Best Price

Once we are happy that the products we have chosen for our range meet our strict requirements we can then begin negotiations on price.

The market we work within is volatile and the price for raw materials is always changing due to social, political and ethical reasons and so each and every year requires fresh negotiation. The relationships we have built with our Flashing Toy & Glow Stick Manufacturers gives us the edge every time allowing us to remain competitive.

We understand that the UK market is just as volatile so by keeping our prices low we can ensure the savings are passed onto you, our valued customer.

The customers services team at AlterEGlow are more than willing to answer your questions and can tailor a quote to your specific needs should you need larger quantities than is listed on our website.


When ordering new products we ask ourselves – is this flashing / glowing product going to excite the end consumer? If the answer is no (and this happens A LOT) we quickly put the product at the back of the shelf! We supply a lot of businesses / traders across the world and so we are always looking to offer them products to impress which in turn will make their customers say ‘WOW’. Equally our loyal customer base of consumers of the product need a reason to keep coming back.


We hope that this helps you with your decision to purchase from us – we are a long standing brand that are waiting to help – so please don’t hesitate to get in touch today.


Want to read more? Check out our history and find out where it all started.

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