Birthday Bubble Parties

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Have you ever even been to a bubble party? No…then you don’t know what you’ve been missing! Bubble-making is one of the coolest party ideas around, and also one of the cheapest. If you think a bubble party was only for smaller children: you’d be wrong – they’re great for all ages – including adults!

Bubbles are an especially good theme for a child’s second or third birthday party:  great for the warmer months of spring and summer, but may not be ideal for an outdoor party during the colder months of winter. Even when held indoors, bubble parties don’t make that much of a mess:  not when there are adults around to keep an eye on proceedings.

Bubbly Invitations

Go for an original party invitation: blow up a balloon, use a marker pen to write the party details - deflate it - pop it in an envelope: and simply post!

The invitation can be read only when the balloon is blown up! So include instructions: even this bit is a novelty…already the little ones will be looking forward to this great, great, party: and it lets the Mums and Dads know what the party theme is. If the party is to be held outdoors in warm weather, you might want to include a request for your guests to wear swimwear so they can get wet with bubbles or in a paddling pool.  

Alternatively, experiment with different bubble solutions, then write out your invitations as normal, and blow various coloured bubbles onto the paper. When they land and ‘pop’ on the invitation - you will have created your very own bubble art!

Bubble party activities

Then first thing to do, to get the party mood going - is to hand out bubble whistles and bubble pots as the guests arrive…the type with a hand wand,  this sets the theme and gets the party off to a brilliant start. It only gets better from here on in.

As for bubble party games, why not get the children to make a circle, facing inwards and hold out their fists. Choose a child to be the “counter” who taps everyone’s fists, including their own, while reciting the bubble gum rhyme.

Light Up Balloons

"Bubble gum, Bubble gum, in a dish. How many pieces do you wish?"

Whoever’s fist is tapped with the word “wish” chooses a number between 1 and 20 and the “counter” goes around the circle again tapping that number of fists. The fist at the end of the sequence has to go behind that child’s back.

The “counter” starts all over again with the rhyme and carries on as before. When one of the children ends up with both fists behind their back, they are out of the game. The game would be continued until one child is left with a fist in the ring and declared the winner. Prize Time!

Bubble Guns and Bubble Art

Light Up Bubble Gun

A bubble party must have is…a bubble machine that blows giant bubbles!  Our Flashing LED Bubble Guns are one of our most popular products simply because children of all ages absolutely love them!

As well as producing a stream of bubbles at just a pull of the trigger, bubble guns house super-bright LEDs which light-up and make the whole gun glow! A bubble blowing gun will ensure a playful mood that will keep the kid’s entertained for ages.

There are loads of things around the home that will match your bubbly theme – providing it’s round! Make round place mats: make round coloured banners and wall decorations: why not get the face paints out too…after all, it is a party.

Bubble wrap paintings are a popular activity, especially for the younger guests. To do this, simply tape a piece of bubble wrap onto a table, or other flat surface, and paint all over, then, press a sheet of paper on it, pull it off immediately – and hey presto! Another piece of fine bubble art…and yet another prize is awarded.

Bubble party cakes and other nibbles

For the cake – let your imagination loose – get the icing gun out, get artistic. Make a batch of cupcakes:  - they are round and make perfect bubbles. Sandwiches too can become bubbles, just trim the crusts. Kids love jelly… try mixing different colours, make the portions round shape. You’ll come up with plenty of ideas once you put your thinking cap on.

For birthday treat bags, chocolate buttons or other round sweets go well and fit the bubble theme. Include bubble blowers for the little ones to take home, and let kids take home the bubble artwork they created.  Add balloons and bubble straws to the favour bags…just to ‘round’ things off.

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