Which festival to choose?

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Almost all of the major festival line ups are now released to the public, but which one is most suited to you? All festivals have a theme, Creamfields fits the dance and club genre and T4 on the beach is targeted to pop music lovers. Is this completely true, are festivals stuck to one genre? You may think the line ups reflect the kinds of people that will attend; however there is more than meets the eye.

Some of the UK’s biggest festivals include:

  • Reading and Leeds Festival
  • V Festival
  • T in the Park
  • Download Festival
  • Isle of Wight Festival
  • GuilFest
  • Sonisphere
  • Beautiful Days
  • Wychwood Music Festival
  • Creamfields
  • the Big Chill
  • Latitude
  • Bestival

Creamfields gets a bad reputation when it comes to festivals; some people get the impression that it’s an ‘unsocial’ festival and could be hard to fit in. However, this is not the case, talking to people who have attended the festival backs up this point. Jane from Leeds says “After being to Leeds festival I thought Creamfields would not be able to compete, how wrong was I? I am now going again this year! You can have a good dance wherever you want, the people are really friendly and the acts are amazing, not at all what I expected.”

At many of the festivals there are a number of different tents and stages which accommodate for all music tastes. Leeds festival is a prime example where many music genres gather together to celebrate music. With headlining acts on the main stages and caravan raves at night, you can dance 24/7 or party through the day and sleep all night.

The performers are not the only thing to consider when choosing the festival for you, finding somewhere to camp is a big part of the weekend and ensuring you get a spot is a key decision maker. At Leeds Festival (like others) there are a number of different camp sites that are named after colours. Depending on what kind of weekend you want will depend on the camp site you chose. If you are a keen party animal then red or blue is for you, but if you are a family with children then brown site would be more suited. It tends to work that the further away from the arena the camp site is the calmer and child friendly it will be. If you can’t decide between a huge noisy, up all night weekend and a quite bliss campsite, then chose a site in between the two ends and you will find a good balance.

A good way to decide which festival to go to is the distance from your home to the grounds. The further away, the more you will need to spend on petrol and travelling time. You also have to think about all the things you will be taking, if you are going in the car you are limited to the boot space and if you are taking the train, you will need to consider the number of passengers and the weight of your bag as you will need to carry this with you all the way.

Most people will already have somewhere in mind as to where they want to go, making sure it is feasible is the big question. One thing you can always get right is clothing and accessories, most people take similar things. Neon & Body Paint always goes down well; they make you stand out in the crowd and are great fun for you and your friends. Glow Sticks are also great fun for those night time parties or raves.

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