AlterEGlow is an online retailer of vibrant, fun and innovative products. They light-up, glow or brighten up your day and arrive at your door in a flash!

We offer a huge range of glow products and started out as the official distributor European distributors of the innovative OmniGlow branded products. We also retail a large selection of flashing novelties and club and rave wear. All of which never cease to earn us glowing reviews from satisfied customers.

All our products conform to strict safety standards and are CE marked. In addition, all goods conform to the RoHS Standard, so you can be confident that the products you buy are manufactured to the highest standards with minimal environmental impact.

Our Story

AlterEGlow has been in existence since 2001 and is a division of Global Marketing Group Ltd. Through links in the Far East, we continue to develop, manufacture and sell the latest novelties to the public and other retailers.

AlterEGlow consists of a close-knit team based in Wiltshire, whose sole dedication is to our customers and their needs. We are forever conscious of improving our product range, contacts and business activities in order to enhance the experience customers receive.