2017 – Year of the Festival Glitter Trend!

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As long time seller’s of all things Glow, Light Up & Sparkle, we’ve had Glitter on our radar for years and have had good success selling all kinds of Glitter Face Paints & Shakers. This year the trend seems to have peaked and Glastonbury has already brought us some very weird and wonderful examples of what can be achieved with a little (or a lot!!) of Glitter.. Here’s a selection of some of the best & worst festival glitter trends that we’ve seen:


Introducing: Glitter Beards..


Our personal favourite has got to be the Glitter Beards. Easy to do and it looks great, just pick your colour and you’re good to go.


Glitter Hair…



A trend we remember fondly from last year that has found it’s way back on to the festival scene this year.

This can look really really good if done properly but equally as bad if it’s not – go careful!


Let’s not forget Glitter Faces..



Glitter face in the woods.

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The go to festival make up idea – can be done with Face Paint, Glitter Shakers or a combination of the both!


& Last but not least, Glitter Boobs…



#Glastonbury #glitterboobs #glittertitties

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By far the most popular but arguably the silliest Festival Glitter trend this year…. Each to their own!


This is just a few of a huge amount of styles possible in the wonderful world of Glitter. Whatever you decide to do, be sure to grab your UV Neon Glitter from AlterEGlow – with bulk discounts available as standard!


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