13 Unique Uses for Glow Sticks

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Glow sticks are generally only used in a few variety of ways, which is a bit of a shame! In this article, I’m going to talk about what I believe to be the top 13 unique ideas and uses for glow sticks. So without further ado, lets get started:

1.) Glow Stick Signs – It is easily possible to create words out of glow sticks, so why not take it one step further with a glow stick sign! Maybe this can be a welcome home or happy birthday sign in the evening of an arriving relative.

2.) Glow stick drinking party – There are so many products to look at in the glowing drinking world that I couldn’t keep it to one so the best idea is to have a live glow drinking party. These include glow glasses, glow ice cubes, LED pitchers and you can even keep it simple with a glow stick in a drink as they are non toxic!

3.) Glow stick floating hands – I have to confess I stole this idea from listotic’s article but I think it looks amazing! Whether you put it behind a window, in a pool, in a pond or wherever it looks like a hand! Check out the picture below!

4.) Glow stick animals – Build your favourite animal out of glow sticks! Easier than it sounds, but I would stick to the simple ones aka spiders, centipedes, although do not be lazy and create a “worm”

5.) Glow Stick Football – This one is a bit more difficult and may need you to have some know how, but it is possible to make a glow football! No more looking for the ball in the night!

6.) The classic NYE and Xmas Decorations – This is a given for any outdoor social event. Glowsticks are perfect for this sort of social gathering, they are 100% safe to use with alcohol as they cannot catch on fire and are 100% non toxic, you can even stir your drink with them!

7.) Make a anklet/necklace – This is not that unique as I have seen many people use this method but it is still a great one. If you purchase longer more flexible glowsticks it becomes possible to twist and tie them into shapes. Or you could just be lazy and buy glow bracelets or glow necklaces themselves. You could even tie them together to be a glow belt! Bet no one has one of them at school…..work.

8.) Tie them to your shoes when its dark – This is more of a safety feature than anything but can also just be used to help see where you are going when it is dark, you know if you are walking around the park and you need to watch out for the dodo, this is a awesome way to keep you safe from that nasty stuff!

9.) Light up your travel – More specifically your bike. This is perfect for 2 reasons, the first is that you will be lighter so safer to any cars or pedestrians as they will be able to see you more clearly. Secondly if you attach glowsticks of different colours (or the same) to your wheels and spokes, you will become a moving multi coloured legend within minutes!

10.) Create a glowing frisbee – This can either be made by you or is something you can probably find to buy from somewhere! This will ensure you never lose your frisbee again.

11.) Add to clothing – Either add to or put down your pockets or different parts of your clothes, this will create a very strange illusion that some parts of you are in fact glowing! This could be a naughty one too!

12.) Attach to pets – This is a must if you are taking your dog out for a late night walk! Not only does it make it safer and easier to spot your dog but if you have a jet black dog it will seem like this is a running floating collar

13.) Put in baths/water – This is just one that looks very cool. Its easy to forget that glow sticks were actually invented to help people see, but because they are so useful and cool we have established hundreds of different ways to use them, even though in theory they are not overly useful.

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