Cool alternative ways to light a pumpkin / jack o lantern this Halloween

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Autumn has fallen and September has passed leaving Halloween just weeks away – which can mean only one thing; it’s pumpkin carving season! What better way to get into the Halloween festivities than to carve a spooky face, scary phrase (BOO!) or if you’re feeling really creative, scratch a novelty picture into a pumpkin?!



The tradition of a carved pumpkin (also known as a jack o lantern) is said to date back 100s of years. Pumpkins are traditionally illuminated with a candle or tealight to give them their eerie glow however in recent years are often replaced with battery operated LED candles. This year we’ve decided to break all tradition and use Glow Sticks to light our pumpkins in all sorts of vivid colours.

Why use Glow Sticks to light a pumpkin?

  • Child friendly – no risk of burn from the naked flame of a candle.
  • Lasts 12 hours plus, enough to last the length of your Halloween party or night of trick-or-treating!
  • Creates a brighter glow than any small candle or tealight can
  • Battery free – no need to worry about LED Candles running out of battery

You can grab your Glow Sticks right here @ AlterEGlow in a whole host of different colours. We have found Orange Glowsticks to be the most effective to light a pumpkin but equally using a rainbow assortment of glowstick colours can create an awesome effect.

Happy Halloween!


P.S here’s a few ideas to get you started:


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