5 Awesome Glowing Halloween Decoration Ideas

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Halloween Decoration Ideas that WILL blow you away

Halloween decorations always the same? Why not spice it up a bit and try one of these 6 unique Halloween decoration ideas that is sure to impress and scare your friends and neighbours. You can make your decorations more scary and more unique just by introducing some glows!
In this article I am going to go into my personal top 6 glowing Halloween decoration ideas that you can easily, quickly and cheaply make, that are 100% guaranteed to scare your friends, families and anyone else who stumbles upon them!

The glowing pumpkin – This one is a turn on the classic, simply carve your pumpkin into whatever shapes and cuts you were planning, but instead of putting dangerous hot candles in there, simple stick a few glow sicks in there, this is a lot safer way and also the glow sticks will not melt your pumpkin so you can always it is at the end of the night too as glow sticks are NON toxic as opposed to candle wax which doesn’t taste so good! Credit this idea to thecharmofhome.blogspot.com.

Spirit Jugs – Credit this idea and picture to “eighteen25.blogspot.co.uk” – This is a hell of an effort and needs to be seen by EVERYONE! Anyway, this method is pretty simple in theory but I bet it is very time consuming. My version of this would be pretty similar to what was mentioned on the 1825 blog, this is keeping your big milk cartoons and any jugs and bottles you think would be good from about a month out and then washing, and drawing into whatever crazy face (see picture below) you want and then simple get your coloured glow stick (white is recommended) slot them in and wait until its dark to see the funky faces appearing! Credit this idea to eighteen25.blogspot.co.uk

Glow stick eyes in a dark place – This is personally my favourite as it works so well at scaring everyone! Instead of making an entire figure or illuminating a entire person it is easier and far morescary to put the lights, again in this case red glow sticks work best, as they look like evil eyes! Simply mould into the shapes and place in a dark (usually in hedges round a corner works well) and get ready to laugh. If you can mix this with some sort of audio you will be on to a winner! Image credit to: nteninja.com

5 Glowing Halloween Ideas
Glow Stick Message - Glow Bracelets

Glowing scary signs – You can make any words and phrases out of glow sticks but if you wanted to write a book, you would have to have a hell of a lot of glow sticks which would not be worth it, instead I recommend words that are easy and halloween relevant. The obvious one that comes to mind is RIP which can be written in glow sticks and then placed on a door, lawn or even a make shift headstone. Couldn't find an RIP one, so welcome home will have to do, but you get the idea! Image from: crafterholic.blogspot.com

Glow in the dark spiders/webs – This is a pretty old classic one but is always a winner and is very cheap and easy to do to, so make sure you get your glow in the dark spiders and webs in early. If you really wanted to go all out you could make the glow stick spiders pictured below, which are amazing to look at but very fiddly to make. Image from the-new-edge.com

All these are great methods to making glow sticks scary! If you are looking for a way to make glow sticks less scary and make a glow party then check out:


Thanks for reading!

Glow Sticks Spider - Glow Bracelets

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