Glow Face Painting, Make-up & Hair

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Glow in the dark products have developed in leaps and bounds over the years, with innovations in makeup, face paint and hair products, any look is achievable. Products have been thoroughly tested to improve application, durability and appearance to the face and body, whilst making them affordable.



Celebrities have also started implementing Glow in the dark Makeup, body and hair products in music videos, films and everyday life. Well-known names such as Ke$ha, Johnny Depp and Lady Gaga have be seen spotted sporting Glow & UV makeup and other body and hair effects in films such as ‘Alice in wonderland’ and music videos such as ‘Take It Off’ by Ke$ha.

YouTube video Ke$ha ‘Take It Off’



Face and body paint

One of the best ways to use face and body paint is for festivals and club/rave nights; make your body a work of art, glowing brightly under the UV lights of the dance floor.  UV face and body paint is easy to apply and wash off, resulting in minimal stress and mess.

Neon Hair

Appling different colours to your hair can change your whole appearance in seconds. Using Neon Hair Mascara is a revolutionary way to add that dash of colour and vibrance to otherwise dull hair. Conventional methods of applying colours to your hair in forms of Neon Hair Gel are still great ways to achieve an outstanding look, but Hair Mascara gives your hair a tidier finish. Both methods of application will last for hours and are easy to apply.


With a wide selection of Neon and UV makeup on the market it can be confusing knowing which ones to choose for your makeup bag. Fluorescent Eye Shadow, UV Glitter Shaker, UV Eye & Lip Pencil andGlitter Lipstick are all you need to complete the look, so look no further than AlterEGlow for all of your Neon and UV needs. This makeup range is perfect for any night out or be bold and use a little through the day; making you stand out from the crowd and give you a completely different look to your “normal” daily makeup.

UV and glow in the dark products are great fun; use your body as a pallet to show off a fun and exciting side of you whilst looking great at the same time.

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