Midnight Walks

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What are they?

It’s that time of year again when many Charities are releasing dates for their 2012 Midnight Walks (or Moonwalks as they are also known.) These are night-walks that usually start at midnight and are often 10k long, but can vary depending on the event and route.

In the past, these sorts of events have only been open to females and although still mainly aimed at women some events have recently started opening their doors to guys as well. All levels of fitness are welcome on these walks and Charities usually offer some tips and hints on training for the run up to the event

What to Wear?

The event planners usually supply T-shirts with the Charities name on but most people choose to brighten up the walk with glow in the dark and light-up accessories. Flashing Bunny Ears and Fairy Angel Wings are common among walkers with Glowing and Flashing Jewellery making perfect accessories. You will be sure to light the way with Glow Bracelets and Glow Necklaces.

Pink is the predominant theme in these events so things like Pink Wigs and Pink Feather Boas  are ideal, with light up novelties such as Flashing Pink Glasses being perfect for topping off your outfit and ensuring you’re seen at night. If you’re feeling a little bit crazy, why not go for a Pink tutu and matchingLeg warmers!

Dressing up for these charity events creates a fun and lively atmosphere which is the reason these sorts of events are such good fundraisers and getting more popular with every year.

How to find your Closest Event

Midnight walks take place in the spring and summer when the weather is warmer and the ground is dry. There are plenty of walks taking place throughout the UK and with a little bit of research online you should easily find one in your local area. Alternatively if you had a specific charity in mind, look on their website they will have details of their own walks you can attend and raise money for.

When you’ve found a suitable event and location you will need to register for the event. This is typically in the form of an application form and usually available on the event’s website or through the charity directly.

When you register with the charity for the Midnight Walk you are likely to be required to pay a registration fee, (normally around £15.) This registration fee is often in place to cover things such as administration costs, refreshments available along the route and often an event t-shirt. This registration fee also helps to guarantee that every penny raised by participants goes to the charity they are walking for.

Moonwalks are a great opportunity to have a fun-filled night out with friends and family. So why not get involved this year and find out when and where your local walk is taking place. Remember the quicker you register the more time you have to raise as much money as possible for your charity!

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